You can’t look at the “honest” photo without crying: what happened to the beauty from “Charlie’s Angels”

Despite being gorgeous, Drew Barrymore never once received criticism for her looks or physique. The girl won’t likely combat her shortcomings in the foreseeable future, though. She is, in fact, making every effort to avoid any surgical procedure.

Due to the actress’s portrayal of a red-haired spy in “Charlie’s Angels,” fans fell in love with her. The beauty wowed the audience in this action film with her game and brilliant pictures that highlighted her stunning bust. However, a lot of time has passed since the picture’s debut, and the artist’s appearance has changed significantly.

Barrymore does not utilize Botox injections to cover up her aging-related traits since she believes in natural aging. The woman’s face is now wrinkled since her skin has lost its elasticity.

Additionally, you can observe that the star does not wear makeup in her personal images, which gives the impression that she is even older. And she no longer resembles a stunning spy from an action film today.

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