“Will make anyone believe in love!”: Jennifer Lopez in Ben Affleck’s arms wowed fans

The couple went for a walk together during their free time. Ben favored a checkered shirt and jeans, while Jennifer chose a voluminous Valentino sweater and baggy leggings.

The ex-husband of Jennifer Garner carried a frappuccino with a thick coating of cream on top. J.Lo denied the calorie beverage since she prefers to live a healthy lifestyle.

Both the actor and the singer seemed unconcerned by their surroundings. Jen and Ben were giving one other tight hugs and cracking up contagiously as they laughed at each other’s jokes. They appeared to be teens in love. The paparazzi pictures ended up being very sweet and moving.

The network immediately began discussing the new shots of the lovers. “They are so cute, they will make anyone believe in love!”, “Insanely beautiful and spontaneous”, “Why flaunt your feelings? It’s all kind of fake anyway,” bloggers wrote.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez were one of the most intelligent couples of the 2000s. However, they split up in 2004. The pop singer revealed that she tried to find comfort in her job but took the breakup hard.

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