Unexpected twist in The Carol Burnett Show’s “Wedding Anniversary” sketch

In the drama on “The Carol Burnett Show,” Carol Burnett and Tim Conway played a couple who returned to Mexico for their wedding. They remain in the same room ten years after their first visit and continue to have concerns about its caliber.

They turn out the lights, climb into bed, and exchange goodnight kisses. “Henry, Henry!” Song exclaims as her eyes start to open. Just something snaked over me. She is told that it is all in her head by Tim, who is playing Henry.

He points at Carol’s feet and says, “It’s right there!” when Tune urges him to turn on the light. She yells and stands up, and he immediately lets her know he’s joking. In a flash of wrath, she eventually hits the sack.

As she sits on top of the dresser, Tune loses it once more and shouts that she almost trod on it. Where? Henry looks about him briefly before asking. Henry recognizes the creature and tries to hit it.

After putting something on it, he confesses that it is antiperspirant. He places it in a cup and leaves it there as they head back to the bed. As Henry again shuts out the lights, Carol begs him to verify whether the cup is still there.

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