Top 13 real photos of moms who saw their babies for the first time

Every mother remembers and finds extremely moving the moment she first holds her child. There will undoubtedly be a lot more special moments, but the first split second you spend with your child is indescribably precious.

On today, we’ve gathered the top 13 emotional, heartfelt, and vivid images from the moment mums and their newborns first met. Look, each one is unique; they are more than just maternity ward snapshots.

Look into these eyes and see the joy they have!

My favorite

Happy parents

And this baby is a real traveler, he was born in a car.

How many pleasant emotions in one photo!


Mom is ready to love and protect always!


Love of a lifetime

Husband’s support


And here is double happiness!

It touched everyone…

What could be more beautiful?

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