The Main “Fat Woman” Of Hollywood Has Turned Into A Model

Rebel Wilson began her career in 2002, starring in several sitcoms. The actress immediately attracted the attention of producers not only with her comedic talent, but also with her appearance, because she suffered from excess weight, so they began to offer her the role of “funny fat woman”.

However, over time, Wilson decided to completely change her life.

Two years ago, Wilson realized that it was time for her to take care of her health. She started exercising and went on a diet. As a result, she managed to lose almost half of her previous weight and see the treasured 75 kilograms on the scales.

Fans were delighted with the transformation of the idol. They showed Wilson with compliments on social media and praise for her diligence and hard work. At the same time, many note that the artist began to look much more attractive, and the new image suits her better than the old role.

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