Survived two sons. What does 83-year-old Tina Turner look like and do today?

Tina Turner gives the appearance of a ferocious woman. The actress appears to be filled with boundless positivity and an incredible enthusiasm for life. Yet in real life, she has suffered horrible losses, and only Turner knows how she weathered these difficulties.

Fans of the singer were shocked to learn that her youngest son Rani, who was 62 years old, had died.

Although no specific explanations are stated, it is known that he had been suffering from cancer for several years. Turner shared a heartfelt post on social media, saying farewell to her beloved Roni.

That isn’t the singer’s only tragedy. Craig, her eldest son, died of natural causes four years ago. The singer had no further children of her own.

She adopted two boys from a previous relationship of her second husband, Ike Turner, years ago. This marriage, however, could not be saved due to the spouse’s frequent cheating.


Despite all of the catastrophes, Tina Turner, 83, still looks wonderful and is optimistic: she loves life and will not relinquish her position.

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