“So Courageous!” 48-Year-Old Penelope Cruz Appeared On The Cover Of A Magazine Topless

Spanish actress and model Penelope Cruz delighted her fans with a provocative photo shoot.


So, the star graced the New Year’s cover of the Dust gloss. In a photo shared by Cruz on Instagram, she poses topless in just her underpants. The artist playfully covers the bust with her hands, standing with her back to the camera.

The seductive image of 48-year-old Penelope is added by loose hair and bright makeup. “Merry Christmas!” – the artist briefly signed the frame.

In turn, fans of the star were divided into two camps. Some were stunned by the beauty of the idol: “this is the view at 48!”, “like a girl, just incredible!”, “This is simply the sexiest woman in the world.”

However, some suspected Cruz of excessive photoshop: “how old is this photo?”, “is she 14?”, “Why so much photoshop”, “you are too thin”, “please feed her someone”.

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