She Matured And Became A Real Beauty! The Users Didn’t Recognize The Girl From The Meme

Shot from the TV series “Hang on, Charlie!” very soon hit the web and became a real meme. By the way, the series told about funny and ridiculous situations that occur in the family of little Charlie. In this frame, the main character spreads her arms indignantly. The audience liked the facial expressions and the game of the little actress so much that the photo went viral on the Web.


Note that the role of baby Charlie was played by the little actress Mia Telerico. She fit perfectly into the role. Despite Mia’s tender age, her popularity grew. Parents were sure that their daughter was waiting for a dizzying career in Hollywood. However, Mia herself chose a different path.

She disappeared from the screens and took care of herself. Mia devoted herself entirely to education and self-development. She started playing sports and dancing. Looking at Mia now, fans won’t recognize her as the girl from the popular meme. Telerico has matured and has become a real beauty. The fact that she interrupted her acting career, the girl does not regret it.

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