“Say hello to the teetotaler!”: Demi Moore showed a touching photo with her pregnant daughter at the doctor’s office

The “Stripes” movie’s lead actress is a multi-child mother. She had three daughters during her second marriage to actor Bruce Willis: Rumer, Scout, and Tallulah. The artists’ eldest heiress continued in their footsteps. She has acted in numerous films. Members of the artistic family recently announced that they are welcoming a new member. Rumer is expecting her first child.

Demi is assisting her daughter as she prepares to become a mommy. The ex-wife of Willis displayed a touching image that was shot in the ultrasound room. Rumer sprawled down on the couch, revealing her expanding belly. Tallulah reached out and touched it while grinning widely. Scout made a V-shaped gesture with her hands.

The Hollywood diva quietly turned to face her daughter. “Say hi to the young nondrinker! I’m so thrilled for you, Rumer, my dear. I’m pleased to watch you become a mother, and I can’t wait to meet this little child when he arrives!” Demi penned.

Demi’s fans left many warm words for her and her sisters. Some rebuked Moore for taking her dog to the clinic. “So happy for Rumer! She’s going to be a great mom,” “Happy for all of you! What a joy,” “I’m thrilled. I remember the baby,” “Did you take your dog to the medical facility?”, “Who brings their dog to the doctor?”, “Honey, leave your pet at home,” “Are you still wearing masks around your family?”, “I love chihuahuas, can you go to the hospital with her?” – Follower commented.

Demi has received criticism in the past for frequently being seen with Pilaf. The actress visited the Louvre in July and posed in front of the Mona Lisa with a chihuahua. The network responded to the shot in a variety of ways.

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