Remember Pugsley from The Addams Family? The guy in the striped sweatshirt transformed himself in 30 years (photo)

He no longer easily resembles the thug from the film.

Following the debut of the new Wednesday series, many viewers hurried to see the original Addams Family films. Jimmy Workman originated the part of Pugsley Addams in the film’s first productions. The actor made his acting debut at the time; he was eight years old.

The artist is 42 years old right now. He appeared in a number of tiny parts after “The Addams Family.” His final acting role was in “The Biggest Fan,” after which he made the decision to become a cameraman.

The family of the former celebrity currently resides in California. Workman’s personal life is only known to have been a 2020 marriage and the birth of two kids, according to WMJ.

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