“My wife didn’t even recognize it”: A 40-year-old man shaved off his beard for the first time in 10 years.

For the past ten years, K. Costa has not shaven. In addition, the man had already forgotten how he appeared when there was nothing growing on his face.

And his wife, who he met just seven years ago and who he had never seen without a beard.

It’s important to note that the man has been promoting several beard care products while also working as a model.

After ten years had gone since the first time Carlos saw himself without a beard, he admitted that he had started to wonder how he looked without one.

Additionally, Costa not only removed the extra vegetation but also turned it into a practical joke.


When the wife saw her lover, she was very surprised. She stressed that it looked quite strange because she has not seen her beloved in such a form.

The wife noted that what happened to her was at least strange.

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