“Like two different people”: how stylists managed to transform beauties who are over 40

The power of a straightforward hairdo and makeup has been frequently demonstrated by stylists. Women have undergone such drastic change that they are no longer recognizably themselves.

For instance, while having gray hair may not be for everyone, vivid coloring might occasionally make you appear younger.

Naturally, any representative of the fair sex wears hair as an accessory. Of all, a few lightened strands merely serve to change the appearance.

A bob can make any lady look more put together, therefore having little hair is also not a problem.

The fair woman will have an asymmetrical haircut from Charm. A nice shampoo and some balms are all that is required to maintain well-groomed hair, so spending a million dollars is not even remotely necessary.


Even the simplest bangs have the power to drastically alter appearance.

In addition, hairdressers have demonstrated time and time again that you shouldn’t have any fear of short haircuts because they may completely change a woman’s appearance.

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