Jennifer Aniston accidentally showed what her perfect haircut looks like in real life – you’ll change your mind about getting one

The actress’s haircut has become incredibly well-liked over time.

Even now, hairdressers still view it as the standard, and customers of all ages urge them to cut their hair in the same manner.

Back in the aughts, when Jennifer’s character Rachel’s haircut from “Friends” became genuinely legendary, she started to establish trends in this area.

And even after “Friends” was finished filming for many years, Aniston has remained with her haircut. and does not alter it; at most, it may slightly shorten, lengthen by a few centimeters, or tone it.

Ironically, Aniston freely admits that she has never liked this look, saying in a 2011 interview with Allure that “she’s never seen an uglier hairstyle.” A little while later, in 2015, Jennifer confirmed what she had said, saying that she did not enjoy how tough it is to maintain this hairdo and how difficult it is to create the ideal look at home.

And these selfies of the actress, in which she had just brushed her hair, are evidence of that. Do you recognize the fabled hairdo displayed on it? We also don’t.

By the way, the actress frequently relies on her celebrity hairdresser and close friend Chris McMillan to take care of her hair. Aniston has such a strong belief in Chris that she once went two days without washing her hair in order to get it styled for the Golden Globes.

The celebrity has now started to learn how to style her own hair. In a recent short video, Jennifer demonstrated how to create a stunning hairstyle in just two minutes. The 53-year-old “Friends” star opened up to 40 million members about her hair care routine

As it turns out, the solution is straightforward: “Dry your hair normally and add hair oil,” Aniston summarized in the caption of the image. Jennifer looked stunning as she brushed out her sweet golden curls in the bathroom wearing a dark gray robe.

By the way, the actress is currently thriving outside of the movie business; in September, she introduced her own line of hair care products. It seems that Aniston was inspired to do this by her well-known yet challenging to style hairdo.

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