“It’s so touching!” Keith Urban Fulfilled A Young Lady’s Final Wish With A Serenade

Meet Marissa English- a 25- year- old girl who passed away too soon. Before leaving this world she experienced an amazing moment.
The young lady had water and cysts in her brain.
Despite all the troubles she went through she was a huge fan of Keith Urban.

It was her biggest dream to go to his live concert.
Though she wasn’t sure she could attend his concert she still bought the tickets.
However, her health conditions changed for the worse very family and she couldn’t go for sure.

That’s when she realized she might never have the chance to go to her idol’s concert ever.
Seeing her condition, the nurses wrote a message to the singer, asking him to visit her.
The kindhearted singer accepted the request and visited her, making it the best day of her life.
It was an unforgettable day both for Melissa and Urban!

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