How does the girl who had won 300 beauty contests by the time she was 6 years old look like now?

Eden Wood, an American model, turned 17 years old. When the youngster won her first beauty pageant at age 4, she instantly became well-known all over the world. Can you believe that by the time Eden was six years old, she had won 300 beauty contests and earned her mother millions of dollars in royalties?

Mother Wood didn’t care that her daughter was being denied a childhood and was being made to work nonstop for long periods of time. Eden, now 17, appears much older than her actual age. The girl has a large Instagram following. Eden wants to start a store selling products for kids.

“Very beautiful, but the makeup has aged her”, “Mom has deprived her daughter of her childhood”, and “The girl has grown up before her time”, which you can read in the comments under the pictures of Wood. Do you agree with Instagram users?

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