“He Conquered Many Hearts.” How Alastor “Mad-Eye” Moody From “Harry Potter” Looks Now

The character Alastor Moody first appeared in the Potter series in the fourth part. His role was played by Brendan Gleeson. He is 65 years old now.


He started his career on the theater stage and also worked as a school teacher. The actor came to the cinema only at the age of 35. His first high-profile film was “Braveheart”, and then – “Artificial Intelligence”, “Mission: Impossible 2” and others. In total, he has more than 70 works to his credit.

Gleason’s career would be the envy of many of the Harry Potter actors. After the franchise, he took part in many cult films and continues to act today, according to PeopleTalk.

He has been married since 1982. The couple has four sons. Two of them even followed in their father’s footsteps and also decided to take up acting.
At the same time, in life, the artist looks completely different than in many of his films. He certainly wins hearts with his radiant smile.

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