Chicago inherited the genes of her musician father. The girl sang Kanye’s hits and delighted fans

Chicago inherited the genes of her musician father. The girl sang Kanye’s hits and delighted fans

Kim Kardashian shared the adorable video and called her two youngest children ‘soooo cute,’ as they showed off their voices while sitting in the back of a car.

Chicago and Psalm West proved they may have a future in the music industry, in their latest adorable video! Their mom, Kim Kardashian, shared a video of the four-year-old and three-year-old singing their dad Kanye West‘s song with XXXTentacion, “True Love” while singing in the back of a car, on Twitter on Oct. 9. “OMG they are just sooooo cute I had to share!” the doting parent exclaimed in the caption.

The clip shows Psalm, who’s wearing a gray shirt, starting to sing the song before Chicago, who’s wearing a metallic gray jumpsuit with shorts, quickly corrects her brother on some of the lyrics and begins singing it herself. Psalm then joins in again and they both look at the camera with confidence. It was a cute and memorable moment that many fans loved!

“Chi has a beautiful voice! She is going to be a superstar when she’s older!” one fan wrote in the comments section while another called the duo “the cutest.” A third called Chicago Kim’s “twin” and shared, “The way her brother was really paying attention and listening. Those two are going to be extremely close as adult siblings. Mark my words. That big sister little brother sh*t is real. I’m a witness. “

Before Kim posted the video of Chicago and Psalm, she and Kanye made headlines for reuniting at their oldest daughter North‘s basketball game on Friday. The rapper wore his controversial “White Lives Matter” shirt from his clothing line as he sat on the sidelines to watch the nine-year-old on the court. Kim was sitting in one of the seats a bit away from him and it’s unclear if the exes talked to each other at the game.

Kanye’s appearance at the game happened just a few days after he wore the same shirt during a surprise appearance at an event for Paris Fashion Week. It brought on a lot of opinions on social media and led to a lot of online feuds between the “Jesus Walks” crooner and people like Vogue editor, Gabriella Karefa-Johnson and Gigi Hadid. He also went on a series of rants on Instagram, which led to him being restricted on the app and had one of his messages deleted off the platform after it was criticized for using anti-Semitic language.

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