Can’t even smile: 24-year-old girl with facial paralysis, managed to build a modeling career

Tyla Clement, a 24-year-old woman with an outlandish appearance, is renowned throughout the world as a non-smiling person.

Despite having a somewhat peculiar appearance, Tyla developed a modeling career and signed a few contracts with agencies.




Because of her oddity, she is unable to make any facial expressions or even move her eyes or brows. Tyla is known as the saddest model since she is unable to smile as well.



Despite the positive aspects of her illness, Clement also faced a wave of negativity. Many people cannot accept that a girl with such a feature has become a model and a popular personality.



At some point, our heroine got tired of the exclamations from her haters, and she accepted herself for who she was. So did the representatives of the modeling agency, who signed her first contract with Tyla.



That would probably be the beginning of her career. What do you think about Clement?

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