Bad luck with the father: look how Kevin Costner’s eldest daughter grew up

In addition to acting in movies, Kevin Costner also had time to raise their seven kids. In 1984, the actor became a parent for the first time. He had a daughter named Annie with Cynthia Silva, his first wife.

The elder heiress of the artist grew up looking truly beautiful because her parents gave her everything good. By the way, Annie made the decision to emulate her father. The famous person had the opportunity to pursue a career in athletics, but she preferred acting.

She was unable to duplicate her parents’ achievements, though. About 11 films are in Annie’s filmography. Many people blame Costner for the prominent parts that the star heiress never took.

Without a doubt, he could have assisted Annie in getting a job in the film business. She had to give up on her dream of becoming a well-known actress since the Hollywood star did not think it appropriate to promote his own daughter. The famous person then made the decision to focus on her family. It is well known that she wed in 2016.

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