A strapless dress: Salma Hayek wowed with a gorgeous cleavage at the gala

On November 5, the LACMA Art + Film Festival 2022 took place at the Los Angeles Museum of Art.

The annual event is traditionally held under the patronage of Gucci, so it was no surprise that most of the star guests wore Gucci outfits. The Gucci brand itself is part of multinational corporation Kering, owned by billionaire Francois Henri Pinault, the husband of Mexican actress Salma Hayek. Naturally, this couple was the focus of the event.

Salma Hayek, the star of “Bandits,” just turned 56, but that doesn’t stop her from wowing the crowd in skimpy attire. She made the incredible decision to wear a transparent dress this time that sparkled with jewels.

Given that the actress opted not to wear a bra, her stylish cleavage deserves special mention for emphasizing her rich dignity.

In a dapper blue tuxedo, the artist’s husband looked terrific next to her.

Tina Karol, a singer from Ukraine, has made her fans happy by posting a number of selfies. The artist shared pictures without editing and won followers over with her unaltered beauty: “Such a kitty!”

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