11 harmless but nasty habits every couple has but hides it

The 1st paragraph just killed … How to look the guy in the face after that

Each couple has their own strange habits that others find ridiculous. Of course, they will never admit them to their friends and acquaintances, but we decided today to compile a rough list of the most disgusting habits.


1. The water in the toilet can be flushed once for two.

2. Use your partner’s lip balm with ease. And spit on hygiene!

3. You kiss anyway, even if someone has a tempera

4. You put your trimmed nails on the edge of the tub.

5. Forgetting to pull your hair out of the drain after you shower.

6. You use his toothbrush when you forget yours.

7. or a razor…

8. … or a washer.

9. Or throw dirty laundry directly on the bathroom floor

10. You don’t change your bed linen that often.

11. Sometimes you are too lazy to take a shower after the cupcake.



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